For Danielle de Picciotto's Tattooed Tales exhibition in Berlin in July 2004, I referenced seven versions of Taboo (also known as Tabu) from the KBZ 200 selection of the EXOTIC TRILOGIES, Volumes 1 and 2 (which also include many rare versions of Caravan and Quiet Village). (Der Plan's Moritz R also collected a Volume 3). I superimposed new lyrics and vocal arrangements onto the songs, turning them all into various versions of Tattoo.

See Through Tattoo

My selection was based on finding an engaging combination of musical genres. Each song is an instrumental version of Margarita Lecuona's 1934 classic over which I inserted my own vocals and lyrics using Macintosh's sophisticated yet user-friendly Garage Band software.

I recommend listening to the songs in the given order, preferably ad infinitum.

MP3 Downloads

Tattoo 1 - Backed Up (The Allis)
Tattoo 2 - Philly Cheese (Al Hirt)
Tattoo 3 - More is Slick (The Flying Guitar)

Tattoo 4 - Rapped Up (Tarrango and His Orchestra)
Tattoo 5 - Ether Y'all (Winifred Atwell)
Tattoo 6 - Full Croon (Billy May Orchestra)
Tattoo 7 - Gamalion (Douglas Gamley)