Silver Lining: The Musical Metaphysics of Hope (DEMOS) -- with Rainer Jancis (music by Rainer Jancis, lyrics by J J Jones)
The extraordinarily talented Estonian composer Rainer Jancis offers up his theoretical compositions to my metaphysical interpretations.

The following songs are demo versions from the upcoming album.


1 Abandus

2 Perfect Innocence

3 Senseless

4 The Increase

5 Understood



Attempt Great Things for God - words and music by J J Jones (accompanied and recorded by Jason Garner). (Thanks to Jennie Smith and Bob Brown for their expertise in arrangement).
These songs were written as solos for the Christian Science churches I attend in Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Each song was written for a specific Bible Lesson from that week, with the texts derived exclusively from the Bible quotations from that week's readings.


1 Everlasting Way

2 Thee and Thy Soul

3 Every Good Gift

4 Turn Again Unto the Lord

5 Great Are the Works of the Lord


Silver Lining